Who has been to Alberta? Yep. Alberta is one of the amazing provinces in Canada-America. The history of the alberta name itself is taken from the name of Empress Louise Caroline Alberta (1848-1939), the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria. Empress Louise was the wife of Sir John Campbell who was the governor general of Canada in 1878-1883.

Some of Alberta's population are Christians with several sects, mostly avangelical Christians and several other religions also side by side, such as Hinduism, Islam and Sikh. tolerance and harmonization are thick. If you visit Alberta, you will be treated to natural scenery and interesting tourist destinations which are tourist attractions in the United States .

A number of Destination references in tourist sites in Alberta Canada that you can visit, including:

1. Banff National Park

Banff National Park Banff National Park is one of the parks in the Rocky Mountains, where the park is located west of Calgary, Alberta. At this point you can see the mountain range with hundreds of glaciers, forests, ice fields and stunning views of the alps.

In addition, in this park you can also feel the beauty of nature directly, and do extreme activities that are challenging, such as diving in the cold ice, of course you will be accompanied by a professional lifeguard.

For your entrance ticket don't worry, it's quite affordable. To be able to enjoy the beauty of nature and some of the challenges provided, you can simply pay $ 10 to $ 20 or around Rp. 140,000 to Rp. 280,000 and tourist attractions suitable for young people and never empty of visitors.

2. Louise Lake

Louise Lake The name Lake Louise was taken from the name of the empress of the governor of the Canadian General in 1878-1883. The saving of Louise Lake as a sign of service to the Empress. This lake is in Alberta and has very clear water. In fact, many are of the opinion, so clear the color of the lake's water is turqoise (the name for something very clear).

If you visit Alberta the beauty of the lake is a pity if you miss it. In this lake you can enjoy beautiful scenery and do cool sports like hiking and snowboarding.

3. Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park Jasper National Park is the most suitable place for those of you who want to cross the clouds and witness green mountains besides brick cliffs. In this park you can also enjoy lush plants and white snow.

In this park has an amazing view, so, for those of you who want to vacation in Jasper national park don't forget to prepare a good camera for selfie and capture your best moments here.

4. Alberta Legislature

Alberta Legislature Alberta legislature is located at 0800-97 Avenue, Edmonten, Alberta. You can visit it by bus, ETS route 52 and capital line (LRT). Alberta legislature is a magnificent building that became a lendmark of the Alberta-Canada province. This building can be said to be the history of the center of the alberta government which witnessed the heated debate of political parties.

Apart from politics, alberta legislature is a prima donna of tourist destinations in alberta-canada, because of its grandeur and classic impression. Many tourists from various regions and even foreign countries come to see the grandeur of the building that is the icon of Alberta province.

This classic building carries a light brown color, so it feels classic, while on the inside it is dominated by white, a magnificent impression is increasingly felt with its high-selling roof and marble pillars. Alberta Legislature is open every Tuesday to Friday, from 9:00 to 3:00 and especially for Saturdays and Sundays, open from midday to 4:00 pm.

5. Glenbow Museum

Glenbow Museum The Glenbow Museum is located on 130 9th Ave SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. You can reach this place using the Calgary Transit. Glenbow Museum is the largest art museum in the west, this museum is the most popular tourist destination in calgary-Aberta. The Glenbow Museum is open every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Friday 11:30 am - 7:30 pm and Sunday 12:00 am - 5:00 pm.

As for the price of admission tickets for ages 18 years and over is 15 Canadian dollars, age 65 years and over and students are 10 Canadian dollars, ages 7-17 years 9 Canadian dollars, age 6 years and under are free and family packages are 32 Canadian dollars. In addition to the exhibition, inside the museum Glenbow also tells the story of southern Alberta with western alberta. For its history, glenbow itself was built in 1954 by Eric Lafferty Harvie, an oil businessman and lawyer.

The purpose of building glenbow itself is to collect objects that represent the history and culture of western Canada and from all corners of the world. In the 1950s Harvie had collected artifacts from North America which told about aboriginal people. His love for the ancient world which eventually became his favorite passion in his life.

6. Calgary Corn Maze and Fun Farm

Calgary Corn Maze and Fun Farm Calgary Corn Maze and Fun Farm is located on 284022 Township Road 224 Rockyview, Calgary-Canada. You can reach it by driving to the stoney trail SE (Highway 201) towards Highway 22X East, after taking a distance of around 3.2 km turn right towards 285 Range Road with a distance of about 1.4 km, then you head to 224 Township road and Calgary Corn Maze and Fun Farm is right on the left side of the road.

At the Calgary Corn Maze and Fun Farm you will be treated to a maze of cornfields, this 10-hectare labyrinth is guaranteed to make you dizzy. In this park, the labyrinth is divided into two, a labyrinth that is intended for young people with a time of completion of about 30-60 minutes and a maze of children with a duration of about 20 minutes.

In addition to a unique maze, in this park there is also a mini zoo, various animals here, such as cats, goats, sheep, dogs, chickens, ducks and turkeys are all there. This Calgary Corn Maze and Fun Farm is indeed designed with the concept of agriculture, so that all rides and toys are outdoors, when visiting this place, do not forget to prepare footwear that is ready to jump into the rice field. The Calgary Corn Maze and Fun Farm is open every summer and will close when winter arrives. Usually open around July. For admission ticket costs aged 18-64 years amounting to 13 Canadian dollars, while ages 3-17 years and over 65 years are 12 Canadian dollars.

7. Brewster's Discovery Walkway

Brewster’s Discovery Walkway Brewster's Discovery Walkway is a 400-meter bridge over the mountain. Brewster's Discovery Walkway is made of many irregular shapes, if you visit this place, you will be treated to an amazing mountain panorama with extraordinary beauty and is a tourist spot suitable for backpackers .

The beauty of the cliffs makes this place a prima donna for selfie by utilizing all the beauty that is in this tourist spot. So that this tourist spot is never lonely with visitors.

8. Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island Prince Edward Island is the most beautiful place in Canada. This place has always succeeded in hypnotizing tourists, because of its amazing beauty and panorama. the beach is clean, the blue sea is moving and the sky is blue with clouds wrestling thinly making the mind fly flying at the point of calm.

The atmosphere in this place is very relaxed and comfortable. Making anyone visiting Prince Edward Island fall asleep, because the atmosphere in this place is guaranteed to make your mind refreshed after being busy with a boring work routine. On the north west coast, you can also see modern windmills made for wind energy. Uniquely, if you manage to reach that point, you will get a ribbon as a sign that you have visited Prince Edward Island. Fun is not it?

Those are some of the tourist destinations in Alberta Canada, interesting right? hopefully it can be useful for reference to your holiday destination. Have a good vacation..!!

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attractions in alberta canada that must be visited

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